Ken Kendro
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This memorial website was created in memory of Ken Kendro.

Kendro was born in Java, Indonesia on July 19, 1929. He grew up in Jogjakarta in the village of Panembahan, one block east of the Sultan’s palace. He fought for the independence of Indonesia, played soccer in the 1956 Olympics, and raised three children, Noni, Kurt, and Christopher.

Kendro passed away on May 21, 2007 at the age of 77. 
We will remember him forever.
Tributes and Condolences
Selamat jalan eyang   / Arrka Bratasena (Online Friend )
Selamat jalan menuju tanah abadi eyang. Jangan lupa kalau kesebelasan Jerman main lagi sama Brazil, nonton ya. Karena nanti Jerman yang akan pasti unggul.
Net Virtual Friend   / Rovicky Putrohari (Net Virtual Friend )
Saya sengaja menuliskan memori saya dengan Eyang Kendro dengan Bahasa Indonesia, karena saya memang selalu berkomunikasi dengan beliau dengan bahasa Indonesia. Dimulai sejak mengikuti mailing list UGM-club di Yahoogroups. Kemudian di Kampung-UGM. Continue >>
In memory of an "Elder Father"   / Alfina R. Wilson (Fellow Indonesian Citizen in Hawaii )
I know Ken Kendro for about 13 years, since my arrival in Hawaii in October 1993. It was a different time back then, when we communicate mostly over phone and newsletters, meeting during gatherings of Indonesian Community and Students in Hawaii. I ...  Continue >>
My fond Farewell to a great man   / Paul Kuromoto (former YMCA colleague )
I can remember very fondly meeting Ken at the Central YMCA when I first started as a YMCA director. He was the gentle man that made you feel welcome from the first day you met him. Always smiling and always caring, he was the role model for all of us...  Continue >>
Selamat jalan Oom Kendro   / Ktut Sukarno (family)
Selamat jalan Oom Kendro, semoga  menikmati damai abadi di sorga.
My deepest condolences

Ktut Sukarno
Jl. Jetski no. 1
Arcamanik Endah
Bandung 40293
The Memory Remains  / Bayu F. Nugroho (Bastari Family (Lamongan) )    Read >>
The Memory Remains  / Bayu F. Nugroho (Bastari Family )    Read >>
To The Kendro Family  / Robert E. Cole (Friend)    Read >>
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